Reconfiguring the receiver

After inserting a work the receiver antenna and wondered if I wanted to install the more efficient your antenna 1090 MGz, will it be possible to switch the GPS coordinates and throughout vidimosti power to LNA, which is mounted in the antenna is supplied?

Not sure I completely understand your question. make antennas with built in LNAs.
They can be powered by a bias-t insert or directly from an rtl-sdr or airspy (both can supply bias-t). LNAs are great for long coax runs or allowing you to use lower quality coax.

thanks for the link. But if a more economical solution with antenna high gain but without a built-in LNA. And unfortunately it only works in the range of 1090, it is not suitable for GPS. that’s why I’m interested in the possibility of switching location definition manually.

I like this antenna.: