Recommendation for users with MLAT problem: Don't use slow cards / sticks

After I had problems with MLAT the last few weeks after my move (it only ran for the first two or three minutes), I took a moment to think about what I had changed in my configuration. And that was the change from an SD card to a USB stick in my RPI 3. And it’s one that’s pretty lame.

So I rummaged around in my desk, found a reasonably recent SD card and used the excellent rpi-clone and the command

sudo rpi-clone -f sda

to transfer the data from the stick to the SD card. Removed the USB stick and rebooted from the SD card: Voilà, MLAT is green. No further config needed. Presumably the lame stick has messed up the clock.

On the RPI3 the SD card, ethernet and USB dongle/ports all share the same USB2.0 bus.
Any slow device could impact MLAT.

This article suggests that only wifi has its own USB controller on an RPI3

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