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Recent rogue detections on VRS using Piaware feeder

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had a half-dozen detections of aircraft that appear to begin or end in the Moray Firth (some 250 miles north of southwest Scotland where my receiver is, which normally has only an 80 mile range northward. My tar1090 map for my feed to ADSBExchange, which displays a similar range plot, did not plot these rogue detections.

I found a VRS database record for a couple of them:

  • Air Alsie MMD6065 Dassault Falcon 6x @ 43000 ft, at 0740utc 18Dec21
  • Banker Aviation LLC (no callsign) Dassault Falcon 50EX @ 45000 ft at 1646utc 18Dec21

All other aspects of the ADSB is normal. Can anyone suggest why I’m getting these?

Maybe tropospheric ducting?

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Also FL430 and FL450 are pretty high.

Pick one of:

Real data, and you got lucky with reception.
Real data, but the transponder is transmitting a bad position.
Not real data, you’re decoding noise.

The differences between VRS and other displays is because VRS uses different rules when deciding what (out of potentially noisy data) to accept.

Not uncommon. I see aircraft there sometimes. Ryanair, Turkish are using it from time to time and of course some private aircraft.

Thanks, folks. Overnight I’ve again had more detections of the same sort. The range map shows how atypical this is for my setup.

Maybe @keithma can also reply. He sees some of these unusual and non-logical aircraft (due to distance or altitude) from time to time.