Recent Resizing of Screen Fields

Sometime in the past few days, the size of the various fields on the FlightAware screen seem to have been increased vertically. This makes it difficult for me to see the Enroute and Scheduled fields without scrolling.

Can this be changed by the user?

Can this be set back to the previous size?

This morning, I discovered the reason for the change in my page size. When the drop box ad was missing, everything was fine. When the ad appeared, it dropped the En Route and Scheduled Departures fields out of view.

My solution was to add a filter to block the drop box ad.

Can you explain what the “drop box ad” is?

The rows were inadvertently made taller, we’re going to fix that today.

I see that the oversize rows have been corrected already.

The drop box ad is the expanded field that places an ad between the upper charts and the Arrival/Departure fields. It seems to appear and disappear, driving the lower fields off-screen. I added a FF filter to block this ad, and it seems to work for me.