Recent History of Flights by Aircraft Model Designator

It would be nice to be able to find recent flights by aircraft model. For instance the Velocity. For those aircraft models with many airframes in existence, this would not be of value.

FlightAware permits us to identify active flights by model,

It also permits us to find those aircraft by model that are registered with FlightAware through the photos area,

However, there is not a way to find out what recent flights were made for a particular model unless you plug in every N number you can find.

I ended up doing that, but it took a lot of time and becomes outdated rapidly.

1Aug11 N767SD Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware Gaithersburg MD, rg Elite
31Jul11 N222TZ Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware San Diego CA, 300hp IO540 xl rg
30Jul11 N188HL Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware Frederick MD, 300hp IO540 xl rg
29Jul11 N424DS Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware Maquon IL, 200hp I0360 fg
29Jul11 N929X Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware Glenmoore PA, 300hp IO540 fast
28Jul11 Silver Creek GA, 200hp I0360 Std rg
28Jul11 Oneida TN, 300hp IO550* xl rg
20Jul11 Seaford VA, 300hp IO540 rg
21jun11 Pinecrest FL, 180hp I0360
17Jul11 Rincon GA, 200hp I0360 rg
17Jul11 Ashburn VA, 180hp I0360 fg, Ashburn Pilots Club
5Jul11 Mooresville NC, rg Elite
20Jun11 Quartz Hill, CA, 310hp* IO550 fg, to Tokyo
21May11 Frederick MD, 180hp I0360, Elite fg
19May11 Chicago IL, rg
10Apr11 Wilmington DE, 300hp IO540 xl fg
20Mar11 Vero Beach FL, fg
16Dec10 Niceville FL, rg
3Oct10 Mason OH, 260hp IO540 xl rg
11Sep10 Sabastion FL, 180hp I0360 rg
18Jul10 Inver Grove Heights MN, 200hp I0360 fg
8Jun10 Kalispell MT, 180hp I0360 fg
18Sep09 Irvington AL, 200hp I0360 fg

We sell reports for customers interested in fleet data (typically an aircraft or a callsign), either flight-by-flight records or a summary of activity for each aircraft. It’s not offered on the website, but you can arrange for automatic daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly reports by contacting customer service.