recent B763 US Flights to London DIVERTED


Over the past 2 days there is an odd coincidence of B767-300 diversions going to London.

AAL 174 Feb 28 KRDU-EGLL goes over Bangor Maine then diverts to KORD
AAL 90 Feb 28 KORD-EGLL goes back over Toronto and returns to KORD
UAL 922 Feb 27 KIAD-EGLL goes past Long Island and returns to KIAD

No reports of anything odd…

Seems odd to me.


It probably is just coincidence that they were all B767s as that is the most common type of plane that crosses the Atlantic.



They look like they may also have been mechanical rather than medical diversions. The 2 AAL aircraft went to ORD and the UAL to IAD. These airlines have hubs at the airports they diverted to.