Reason to redo your Weight and Balance.

After 35 years at Corona Airport, Bob’s Chili Chow Hall closed it’s doors last July. Today Bobby A’s opened in the same location. Today was their first day and I showed up for lunch. I ordered the Bobby A’s burger. I won’t be eating again until early November.

I hope you got your cardio on after that. :smiley:

When I first glanced at the last photo, the clean plate, I thought Frank was holding a cigarette in his left hand. Kinda like the old post-coital smoke. Probably could have used it!

That picture was taken in California, the non-smoking state.

That thought also flashed through my head. “He’s gonna get arrested for smoking!”

:laughing: The redefining of the “hundered dollar burger” trip

It’s not that bad if I don’t have to stop for fuel.

Frank Holbert

:laughing: :laughing: Thats classic…you could at least go around the pattern once. :wink:

Nice looking burger, you think you could fedex one this way?

Oh and there is only one L in balance, sorry, I had to :smiley:

Crap, when did they change the spelling?

Given that trip I would hazard a guess that it’s cheaper to take the Bellanca than the Tahoe? :wink:

Does one really ingest that burger or do you just rub it on your coronary arteries?

(Does that ball cap come in adult sizes Frank?)

Just to be perfectly clear…that monster does come with onions and mushrooms right? :open_mouth:

It came with EVERYTHING!

You get the feeling the start looking around in the back of the coolers whenever someone orders one of those burgers? Just try to find every possible thing they can throw on it.

It was their first day of business and they had opened the doors just 45 minutes earlier so what ever they found was fresh.

You look much thinner sitting at a restaurant than you do in your plane.

They spared no expense on the wood work. Is that oak or mahogany?