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Realvnc on piaware

I have installed realvnc. It is running as a service. When I try to connect vnc viewer immediately says “The connection was refused by the computer”. No messages in syslog. Can someone point me in the right direction when it comes to configuring realvnc? (At least it is not a firewall problem, as I turned of the firewall.)

There is no graphical interface realvnc could use.

Just use SSH/Putty if you want to change settings.

I need a graphical interface because I plan to use collectd and rrdtool.

That doesn’t need a graphical interface.

See for example these graphs, they are made with collectd and rrdtool and then served on a webpage:


If you really need a graphical interface, you can install it:

sudo apt install raspberrypi-ui-mods

But it still might require more configuration when no screen is connected, i’m not totally sure about that.
But it should be the same as on any other Raspbian installation, so google is your friend in that case.

Interesting! I will start without realvnc then. Thank you!

If you don’t want to start from scratch, graphs1090 should give you a good overview of how all that can be accomplished.

collectd with rrdtool is collecting data, some through normal collect plugins, the dump1090 data is collected via an python script.

Then there is a service running that regularly uses rrdtool to create the graphs as images.

With a lighttpd configuration the http://pi/graphs1090 address serves the html folder.
The image files at /run/graphs1090 (in memory) are then provided at http://pi/graphs1090/graphs where they can be used/displayed by the webinterface.

I am enjoying this now. Beautiful!