Really steep descent!


First post since joining FlightAware. I usually monitor KGKY tower/ground via scanner on Dallas Cowboys game days because of all the private aircraft coming in for the game, although quite a few have their flight status blocked. On October 9, 2010 a Challenger 300 (N202DH) flew from Chase Field Industrial (Beeville, TX) to Arlington, TX (KGKY). The track log shows, at 12:28PM CDT the aircraft went into a steep descent from 21,200 to 5,000 at 9,420 FPM. Do you think this could be a glitch in ATC reporting or did the aircraft actually do this? Sounds like a hell of a ride. … Y/tracklog


Sometimes the FAA sends us the new assigned altitude instead of the actual altitude; the 5,000 ft report is likely one of these. 21,200 ft to 14,600 ft in 2 minutes is about 3300 fpm.