RealADSB App for iOS and AppleTV

Hi All,

Thanks to the scripts and mods from @ jprochazka and @lignumaqua, I got my system running over the weekend.

I was looking for other ways to view my data when I’m away from my computer and came across RealADSB for iOS and AppleTV. It’s a java server that resides on the same machine as piaware and feeds data to the clients via Bonjour. I think the AppleTV version is particularly attractive.

The client is $9.95 and includes both platforms.


Looks nice. Does it show MLAT planes as well?

hi i want to install your system.
i have a raspi3 with latest adsbreceiver script.
MacOS X or Raspberry Pi 2
java -jar adsb_hub.jar dump1090.json

my iphone shows only connected
but nothing happend

edit: Thanks klimchuk for your help via TwitterDM :wink:

It’s not unless dump1090 forwards MLAT to the stream of ADS-B messages and apparently it’s not

03-JULY-2016; I’ve updated adsb_hub.jar to support MLAT feed so more aircrafts can be shown in iOS app. Example of configuration file

I’m preparing new version of app for iOS 10 which will include support for multiple colors, more aircrafts in database, advanced filtering and so on

Suggestion - have it accept data from VRS.

I think there would be a large market for an app like that, plus you would not need to maintain your own ICAO hex database, etc…

It handles the Beast Protocol this shouldn’t be a problem.

New version is available in Apple AppStore for iPhone and iPad
Version for Apple TV will come in a few days

This is fabulous. The text on the AppleTV is kind of small when you’re across the room. It would be nice to be able to change the font size.

Latest version 1.15 for AppleTV has 3 different sizes of info window shown for each aircraft.

hI klimchuk,
i have install in my iphone but how i change ip for connect to my network?
Is connecting but nothing happen.

And where i can see map?
I think this version are missing something because dont work very well.

I hope you can help me.
Kind regards.

Before I buy this app (because I think it’s quite expensive for a quick buy ‘to see what it does’), I’m just trying to understand what I’d actually have to do in order to use it. I’ve got a pi3 with mutability and feeders for all four supported sites as scripted by the ADS-B Receiver Project.

Open iPhone Settings, scroll down to RealADSB, enter IP address in SERVER (ADSB_HUB) section

I hope helps

Thanks i will try it.

Latest version of the app 1.18 got Connection Manager that allows to enter multiple IP addresses inside the app and easily switch between them. You can open Connection Manager by selecting ‘Connections…’ in menu opened by button in the top left corner of the screen.

As downloaded and installed on a iPhone 6 and a iPad Air with ADS-B up and running on a Raspberry pi 2 with MLAT. It will connect on port 30003, but no data or map is shown. What is the install if any on the Raspberry?

Please take a look on page

RealADSB iOS app 1.43 can show traffic feed on port 30003 without adsb_hub

Without a ADS-B receiver/server up and running you will never get any
data or a connection on port 30003 or 30005 for that matter.

I know port 30003 & 30005 are working because I can connect other
programs and receive data… Think Again!!!

klimchuk wrote: