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Readsb vs dump1090-fa

Boys need their toys :slightly_smiling_face:
But I guess it is a major step forwards. Lots of extra options etc.

OK, that explains it. Thanks!

That’s odd, I’m using dump1090-fa 6.1 and have both terrain-based and actual range plots working in tar1090.

What’s the URL for that screenshot?

100% certain dump1090-fa 6.1 doesn’t provide that range outline json, there is no reason it couldn’t be added but i would have heard about it.

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I’m using the tar1090 from adsbx if that makes a difference. Regarding the terrain range I just ran getupintheair.sh as root (sudo) which created the upintheair.json file. To enable the actual range outline I edited config.js. I assure you that I’ve never installed readsb on my Pi or added a .json file other than the getupintheair one. I installed my OS, dump1090-fa and piaware from packages, then ran the adsbx scripts to also feed them. That’s all.

It very much does make a difference.
It doesn’t use dump1090-fa as the backend but rather the adsbexchange feed client.
Now feel free to guess what that is :wink:

The actual range outline doesn’t require changing config.js

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Sure enough, you’re right. I didn’t know that. I sit corrected: you need readsb to get the range outlines.

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Maybe a dumb question, but I can’t find the answer anywhere. When running an airspy device (newest release), would readsb automatically be configured for that?

Any other things to be aware of with readsb? Or is it just install and test it out?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Check the section “Airspy-conf” in this Wiki Article of @wiedehopf
It explains what to do if an Airspy is in use

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Thanks mate.
I did find it just after posting - I was reading here; GitHub - wiedehopf/readsb: Detached fork of Mictronics readsb and by extension dump1090-fa by mutability :sleeping:

Yes, that’s the installation if you do not want other stuff to be installed. I have this installation for my Jetvision device to grab the data from it and share it along. I do not need a map, graphs etc for it.

However the required update for an Airspy is documented in the other article