Reactivated Lufthansa A380

D-AIMK has just completed a shakedown flight from Frankfurt am Main up around north-eastern Germany and back after having been in storage in Teruel and then polished up in Manila during February and early March.

The A380-800 aircraft reached typical cruising speeds and altitudes, carrying out a number of manoeuvres before returning to FRA after a four and a half hour flight. Presumably everything is now ready for a (welcome) return to service and helping with the summer schedule!


People will be more than happy flying them with this big bird to Mallorca :rofl:

More A380s will return to the service



Do you own stock in Airbus or do you work for Lufthansa?

Nope, nothing from both.

I am also not bound to any other company in any way.
I am just an aircraft industry enthusiast.

I just copied and pasted what is stated in the Lufthansa Blog on their website

What’s the reason for the question?

Your post seemed to be straight from the PR or Marketing department. I often get asked similar questions when I talk about the benefits of living on the beach in Florida.

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I mean, most of it was. Just that it was a screenshot.

It was, because it’s a screenshot, not a text :blush: