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Rate of „Tracks with a single Message“ is quite high

Dear all,

I am operating an ADS-B Feeder in Austria near to the Border of Vienna. Some Details about my Setup:

  • The Antenna is situated at the roof of a house. Type: „FlightAware 1090 MHz ADS-B“
  • Type of the SDR: „ADS-B FlightAware Pro Stick Plus“

I think there is a Problem is, because the rate of „Tracks with a single Message“ is quite hight. I have tried to use the “Automatic gain optimization for dump1090 fa” scriped from @wiedehopf , but that had not changed the result.

dump1090-localhost-aircraft_message_rate-24h dump1090-localhost-aircraft-24h dump1090-localhost-local_rate-24h

dump1090-localhost-range-24h dump1090-localhost-signal-24h dump1090-localhost-tracks-24h

What can I do, to get better results?

Best regards,