Rate my picture (so that it becomes the default thumbnail)

Would a few kind folks please “rate” this photo so that it moves up to become the default thumbnail for my airplane.

flightaware.com/photos/view/6772 … tes/page/1

Thank you very much!


Be careful what you wish for! In my case, I would rate it low because it’s a quarter shot of the aircraft. When it comes to aircraft, my preference is full side-on shots. Sorry.

It’s not a bad shot, especially compared to the many out of focus, dot in the sky shots you see here regularly.
Things I would like to see for improvement would be to move the plane out of the tie down area, if possible, the chains are a bit of a distraction. The background is nice, but because of the white washed out sky and the predominately white plane, I could only give it an average to good rating.

I don’t need to see a full profile shot, a 3/4 angle quarter is much better, and you can cut off some of the wing tips to fill the viewfinder, but never ever the nose.
Too bad some others don’t listen to some of this advice.