raspi not starting anymore


one of my receivers was not collection data anymore (I have to receivers on my raspi). However, I was not able to connect with SSH to the device. The raspi is near under the roof and there is no display there. Now I’ve put the raspi in my office and was plugin to a display, because a simple power cycle was not restarting the entire device. The raspi starts with booting but it crashes with a kernel panic. The last line is

/sbin/init: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/arm-linux/gnueabihf/libs.so.6: ELF file data encoding not little endian

May be I was updating the piware online without reboot. Has anybody else the same problem (with a piaware SD card)? What can I do to bring my raspi online again?


You could spend a lot of time trying to fix this - it may be quicker to start again with a new sd-card image.