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Raspberry Pi2 + Raspbian + Darkice + Dump1090 + PiAware

I have a Raspberry Pi2 already running Darkice and providing live ATC audio feeding. Now I’m trying to provide ADS-B feeding to FlightAware but the Dump1090 is clashing my Pi2.

I acquired the USB RTL-SDR & ADS-B Receiver and I followed all instructions of FlightAware to install the DUMP1090, but my Pi2 stops when I run any “dump1090” command.

I guess it’s related to some conflict between RASPBIAN OS + DARKICE + DUMP1090 but I’m unable to identify it.

Any help are welcome…

If it’s completely wedging or rebooting when you start dump1090, you probably have power supply issues.
You might want to try running the rtlsdr dongle via a powered hub rather than direct off the Pi

I will test it, thanks.

How do you feed to live ATC? Do you have any tutorial?. Just I want listen atc freq.

i would know to…

I have a RADIOSHACK PRO528 scanner configured with the frequencies of the airport SBSV. It scans the frequencies in a loop and hold on an active frequency (conversations).
The scanner audio output (3,5mm) is connected to a USB audio input at Raspberry Pi2.
The LiveATC.net provided a tutorial to install and configure DARKICE application. They also sent the config file with the settings to feed this specific airport.

To stream to LiveATC with an RTL-SDR, you can use:

If anyone gets it going, please report back!

good to know thanks for sharing that info , now i need to know how cpu are working in the same rpi feeding flightware and fr24 and live atc…

It was really a power supply issue. I installed a PiHut USB hub and it worked out. Thanks for the tip!

@jvcdcarlos, My Pi2 is running about 12% of CPU feeding LiveATC (Darkice) and FlightAware/FR24 (Dump1090). It’s 10 days already…

Are you using RTLSDR-Airband? If so, could you provide a sample configuration (username/password removed, etc)?

No, I’m using an USB sound device plugged into my Pi to feed LiveATC. And the RTLSDR for ADS-B only. See picture:

Have you had any issues with Darkice automatically Starting after a reboot or power failure?
I can’t seem to get the scripts working.

I used IceCast and RTLSDR-Airband you can it here… http://rodyeo.dyndns.org/