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Raspberry Pi Antenna Connections

How many possible ways are there to connect an antenna to a Raspberry Pi? Of these, which is the best? If there’s just one, what is it called? I’ve seen references to N Connector, but that doesn’t seem to match the connector in the kit I got.

You connect the antenna to the receiver. In the case of the RTL dongle there is a connector that takes an MCX male plug. You also need a suitable adaptor to join to the connector at the end of the antenna lead which could be N-type or BNC.

I use RG-6 cable with F connectors between the RTL820 and antenna. Connection between the RTL820 and cable is by this adapter on Amazon. There is also one with a 90 deg angle. Dealer’s choice.
amazon.com/coaxial-coax-cabl … le+6%27%27