Raspberry PI 4 once PiAware installed


Another silly question I’m afraid, new to the PI system, so thought I would ask.

Once I have installed the PiAware correctly on the SD card (using a mouse and keyboard, screen), can I then unplug these peripherals and just let the PI 4 running with a power supply and Ethernet cable.

I plan to install it behind a desk.

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even the setup can be done “headless” (the alias for using a raspberry without keyboard, screen, mouse).

Shuttting down the graphical user interface gives lots of memory back you don’t need for feeding. If you have the Piaware image running, simply disconnect the devices.

You only should make sure that the SSH service is running. With this you can remote connect to it without attaching screen and keyboard

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Thanks fox hunter. Point taken about SSH.

@NickBeer Can also install RealVNC to make management easier if you run GUI programs.


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