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Raspberry 3 no longer seen on Ethernet

I’ve noticed since 2 August that my 1090 MHz Raspberry 3 no longer works with the Ethernet cable.

The 978 MHz receiver next to it is working fine, I’ve changed power supplies (both light up red on the front LED), and changed Ethernet cables.

A new PiAware SD card was ordered along with the new Raspberry 3 but that does not make a difference.

Open to ideas.

Use WiFi / buy USB to ethernet adapter / buy new RPi.

Likely hardware failure, reason open to speculation.

New Raspberry Pi 3 arrived on Saturday with a new microSD card, did not work either.

The configuration file also has the WiFi programming but does not show up n the network.

I’ll see what else can be done. Thank you.

Now that sounds more like a configuration problem.

Can you post your piaware-config.txt ? (replace password/SSID by XXXXXXX or something)

Are you trying your existing image?
Maybe just start with a fresh image from the website.