Radical increase in statistics starting last night


Starting last night around 6PM EST, my statistics and those feeders around me have all seen a very large bump in statistics. Was there a change made on the FlightAware servers that might account for this? I saw a similar bump last week while the certificate errors were going on. I have attached pictures of my FlightAware stats page and the stats I collect on my own system. There is no corresponding bump in my data to explain the bump in my FlightAware stats.


FlightAware last 24 hour stats

My stats for the last week




Ahhh, buried in another post. I would expect a new post with that type of announcement.



And so thats why my usual 24hr 45k positions was achieved in just 6hrs with this new update, thats a huge jump.Expecting twas because of my new antenna installed at the particular time…


That’s where collecting your own stats comes in handy… :slight_smile:


Hmm, yes, so would I! Not a problem though since the number of receivers I synchronise with is always < 3, :wink:



Now that it is all in place and working, it all makes sense: