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RadarCape registration

Instead of feeding via Planeplotter I would like to feed directly from my Radarcape receiver.
Then I dont have to run a PC 7/24 for feeding.

The registration requires a MAC address. The MAC address is given by my Radarcape in the format a1:b2:c3:x4:y5:z6
If I enter this format into the registration field gives an error saying only alpha numeric characters
Changing all letters to upper case gives the same error

Only when I deleted the semicolons did it accept the registration i.e. a1b2c3x4y5z6
But this seems wrong.

My radarcape has now been feeding to FlightAware for two hours but I am not seeing any statistics.
Is something wrong or am I just to impatient ?


Do the registration again.
(Copy and paste the MAC address from the FA feed screen on the Radarcape setting page.

I had to do it two times before it took before it showed up on your FA Stats feeder page.

There was a bug earlier that impacted registering for devices, but it’s fixed now and your stats are showing up.

All is well and the receiver has shown up.

The only surprise is that the statistics for today shows more planes (3500) via Planeplotter than the direct feed from the radarcape receiver (2700).
Both are set at 15 seconds