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Radarcape Piaware 3.7.1 change Feeder-ID


anybody an idea where to change the piaware 3.7.1 feeder-id on a radarcape?


The Radarcape wiki suggests that the username must be the mac-address of the Radarcape:

But i don’t know if this is current.

If you have console access i don’t see why this would not work:

sudo piaware-config feeder-id 124432-2345234-2435243-243-2435
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i’m for now just looking for the file/location where it is set.

sudo piaware-config

This will show the configuration and where the settings are located.

yes - but in the there mentioned it says it’s altered by an other file ‘fa_piaware_config’ i do not see.

If it’s derived from the mac address it could be set automatically by FlightAware upon connection to the FA servers.

Then you would have to talk to their support to change it?

Can you post the output?

no big deal - if i do not find it i simply shut down my fa-feeds.

It seems to be feeding just fine:

i know. but i wanted change the id’s between the two receivers. and again i have no time for any hustle with this fa-thing. if it does not work i’ll shut down both feeds.

My guess is that it needs to be changed in flightawares system.
Maybe just write a mail to adsbsupport@flightaware.com that you’d like the Radarcape to get the other feeder-id.

Or maybe @esmathews can take care of switching the feeder-id for your Radarcape to the feeder-id of your primary receiver.

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Radarcapes no longer use mac address to identify themselves. They work exactly the same as a piaware installation now; feeder ID can be set in the same way as a regular piaware install.

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thanx. but where is the file located or isn’t it a flat-text-file anymore?

The normal way to change it is with the command i posted a few posts back, not by modifying a file.

The command will then modify /etc/piaware.conf at least on my install.

Oh i see now, that just means that it was set via the command piaware-config

I was a little confused what you meant :slight_smile:

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Just set it, then it will be in /etc/piaware.conf :slight_smile:
Right now it’s just in /var/cache or somewhere because it was automatically set.
But as soon as you set it manually it will be in the file.

Just do this on both receivers

sudo piaware-config feeder-id 1234-dsfs-adsf-asd
sudo systemctl restart piaware

And you’ll be done.

The currently used feeder-id is also written to:


But changing it there is not the way to change it.

wiedehopf that is the way i do it since years. but i’d like to know where it is saved NOW. and obviously the feeder has an feeder-id but in none of the above files it is written.

Yeah didn’t quite understand what you wanted to know.

You can read out the currently used id from:


But changing that file will not change the feeder_id as far as i understand, it might though :slight_smile:
(probably the feeder-id in that file is used when the config files don’t have the feeder-id set)

(If i want to know the feeder id i normally just check the stats page, it’s noted there)

the only thing i was wondering - and maybe asked the wrong way - is:
what does the inconclusive comment in piaware.conf ‘# updated by fa_piaware_conf’ mean?
is the value set via a piaware command or is it set by another mysterious file with the name ‘fa_piaware_conf’? and if so where resides ‘fa_piaware_conf’?

It’s just the internal config managing part of piaware:

Which in turn is the function called by the command piaware-config.
(“Set by piaware” would probably make more sense?)


… worked. thanx :slight_smile:

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