Question regarding training


I just saw a video on YouTube where a Citation CJ1+ was being used by Lufthansa for flight training and clearly marked as such. Is this common practice for commercial carriers to use such a small jet for training? If so, for what application(s)?

Thank you for any information.


Sorry I really can’t answer your question, But i did upload a couple of aircraft that came through goose bay that were to be used by commercial airlines that were to be used as trainers. … tes/page/1 … tes/page/1


Thank. The first pic is the one in the YouTube video.


Some of the international carriers use “ab initio” training, meaning “from the beginning”. In other words, they select applicants to go through a very strict and rigorous training program, much like military flight training, that is administered and payed for by the airline. Upon successful completion, the new pilot is employed as a first officer. Typical program time is 2 to 2 1/2 years, with approx 300 hrs of flying time.

Lufthansa uses Bonanzas, Barons, and Cheyennes for training in Phoenix. I would guess the CJ is used for advanced training.

EVA Air, KLM, and China Air also use this type of program.

AOPA had an article about this a while back: … rticle=132