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Question on understanding the FA Stats

I am currently struggling a bit with some values shown in the ADS-B feeder statistics which i did not dive into the details so far
There is a section “positions reported”, “hourly collection” and “hourly received reports”
How do these belong to each other?

So far i understood that the block graphics with the hourly received reports fits at the end of the day to the total number of positions reported which is splitted in ADS-B, MLAT and Other.

But what does the hourly collection count? That’s a bit unclear to me as it shows different values than the hourly received reports

Thanks in advance

Others isn’t plotted, so you can’t add hourly collection numbers up to get the hourly reports number.
But the sum should be less because others is missing.

You could add the ADS-B graph up hour by hour, but you would need to stop ad midnight for the current day.

Ah, understood, thanks.

Not that important, but it was not clear how all this stick together.

It’s just what i think is logical.

Don’t know the code behind it, so can’t say for sure.

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