Question on flight path today


Hello everyone,

If someone can look at AA 1782 from Oma-Dfw today and let me know why this flight would have taken as many “loops” closer to Dallas as it did it would be appreciated. I am flying this tomorrow, extremely frightened to fly, but no choice on this trip.

I tried to cut and paste but it won’t let me.

Thanks so much.


Holding pattern for weather? I know there were thunderstorms this morning here (TUL), not sure about down in the DFW area though. Welcome to flying in and out of the Midwest in the spring…


The Loops it shows aren’t barrel rolls or straight up and down loops. Just circling, its not as bad as it looks.


The captain was teaching the first officer how to tie a bowline knot.


Or they are practicing their NASCAR skills in the sky (left turns…)



The rabbit comes out of the hole, runs around the tree and goes back in the hole…



What really happened is a tale of sadness and happiness.

The pilot of AAL1782, Henry, had not realized that his flight would take him over the Red River. Many years ago, he had courted his true love along the banks of the river and avoided the area as much as possible.

One fateful day, a man in a Piper Cub with the fringe on top came by. He told the young lady of the exciting world of flight instructing. Soon, she left poor Henry all alone. He pined for her for many years.

It’s a long time, you know, I’ve been waiting
For the words that you never did say,
Now alas! all my fond hopes have vanished,
For they say you are going away.

From this valley they say you are going.
I shall miss your blue eyes and sweet smile,
For you take with you all of the sunshine
That has brightened my pathway a while.

So consider a while ere you leave me,
Do not hasten to bid me adieu,
But remember the Red River Valley
And the half-breed who loved you so true.

So remember the valley you’re leaving,
How lonely, how dreary it will be;
Remember the heart you are breaking,
And be true to your promise to me.

As you go to your home by the ocean,
May you never forget those sweet hours
That we spent in the Red River Valley
And the love we exchanged in its bowers.

Red River Valley

As luck would have it, the young lady, still as beautiful as she was then, flew by Henry’s aircraft as he circled endlessly around the Red River. Just as her Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) said “pull up!”, she got a glimpse of Henry. She was overcome by emotions. At long last, she found again the love of her life for she, too, had greatly missed their relationship. She followed behind Henry all the way to Dallas, ignoring her TCAS. He taxied to the gate. She pulled up along side her. She ran to Henry’s plane, up the stairs, and hugged Henry tightly.

The Lead Flight Attendant, under the authority given to him by the FAA, married the two and the lived happily ever after!


Crap did I leave the stove on? Turn
No, I grabbed it before I left. Turn
Dagnabbit I’m sure I left it on. Turn
Oh the wife probably got it when she woke up.Turn
Wait she’s out of town today.Turn
Silly me, I ate cereal today.Turn




It is, after all, a Mad Dog.


Not to be confused with Mad Cow…which afflicts many foreign pilots…


This thread should help you out: