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Question about routes, connections and alerts

I am new to FlightAware and I am doing some testings with FlightXML2 APIs.
I cannot find any API which give all flight options from A to B with all possible connections from different airlines (considering minimum connection time (MCT) as well).
There are endpoints to get the schedules based on a fleet or individual flight, and it will be possible to build the flight route, but it required to dump all airline schedules, plus there is no endpoint to get MCTs as well.
Do you have any API which can return such connections?
Also I cannot find any option to filter flight type (passenger/cargo/wide body)? or even these information is not available in returned data, of course except aircraft type, but still only can find these info after we received the data.
Last question is about alerts, I set some alerts for flights which does not exists, and alert created with no issue, is there any option to check alert information before creating it?


Unfortunately an endpoint that functions like the Flight Finder page is not available in FlightXML2.

Endpoints like SearchBirdseyeInflight allows for searches by aircraft type. This can be a list of types or use wildcards to search by several. Unfortunately it does not make a distinction between passenger and cargo service. However, it is possible to also filter by ICAO identifier and include or exclude known cargo carriers.

FlightXML alerts check to make sure the alert parameters will not result in a message flood (default value of greater than 1000 per week). It will also validate airport codes and aircraft types. However, if the flood value is not exceeded there is no checking to see if the alert would actually trigger. Since a SetAlert is a billable query setting values that would never trigger an alert is generally discouraged.