Question about Presidental TFR at KAVL

Air Force One left and 22 minutes later a Bonanza has a bad landing at AVL - Asheville, NC (hate that for you! =( ) 4/25/10. Question: are presidential TFRs typical lifted that quickly? … le-airport

I saw the heli for Marine One take of 30 minutes after Air Force One, obviously after this incident. A C17 (carrying supplies for the president I believe) was still re-fueling for departure and now delayed due to the closed runway. How did the Bonanza get in so quickly and if legally, then why do they open the TFR so soon before all aircraft of the party are departed?

Interesting side story at same time:

They usually open things up almost immediately after POTUS departs. There’s no reason to keep things closed for the support planes. It probably takes a while to break everything down and load it all up. The TFR and security is to protect the President, not his podium.

Even if the podium is a better leader than the president?

Note to the humor impaired and the Obama-can-do-no-wrong crowds: That’s a joke, son.

What about the teleprompter? Surely the teleprompter warrants additional or extended security.

I missed the punchline on that one. I’m getting rusty.