Question about N-number

N9116F. That was the registration number of the helicopter (Hughes 369HS) that Davey Allison was piloting and crashed, resulting in his death.

My questions are as follows …

  1. The FAA’s website has a disclaimer that states, “this aircraft’s registration status may not be suitable for operation.” Is this just the FAA way of saying the aircraft isn’t operational? The copter was destroyed.

  2. In general, how long after the aircraft is out of service, does the registration remain active?

The FAA has not received the aircrafat’s Triennial Aircraft Registration Report.

An aircraft that has been removed from the U.S. Civil Aircraft Register at the owner’s request. Aircraft are generally removed for the following reasons: exported, destroyed, salvaged, dismantled, or permanently retired from service

Source: … tions.aspx

I’ve seen them remain active for years unless somebody (owner, estate, etc.) does something about it. Usually the insurance company will initiate the process once all claims are settled. In the case of no insurance, it may never become inactive.

When we wanted N3CG, we had to track down the destroyed aircraft’s owner and get him to send in the paperwork before we could get the number.

cool. Thanks guys, now I know a little more than I did before. I’m just about officially qualified to be dangerous 8)

Our registration page notes: Second triennial mailed/no response

Thanks, mduell!

for anyone interested, here’s the NTSB report - … 127&akey=1