Question about flights on App vs Skyaware

Hope I’m posting this in the right place, if not my apologies.

I have installed (2) Pro Sticks on Rpi’s and everything is working fine at this point feeding FA , or at least I believe so. One of the receiver’s is located not far from a Hospital Helipad at about ~1000’ft and within line of site at the same elevation of ~550’ft agl.

The issue comes into play when viewing the local feed on the rpi or on my Skyaware feed from FA, I can see the copters as they come and go all the way to/from the helipad, even during startup and shutdown.

However when I use the app on my phone for Flightaware, the flight is lost off the public feed when it drops below 1000’ft when landing (~3/4 mile out) and when taking off the reverse happens, it doesn’t pop up on the public feed until above 1000’ft and 3/4 mile away. I was under the impression that when I feed FA that the flight information would be updating the public feed. Is this not so?

Thankyou in advance for helping!

PS What are the different color tracks (solid vs broken) that I see on the maps of a flight.

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