Question about aviation degrees

Hey all,

I’m currently a full-time paramedic in Savannah, GA, and plan on going on to become a Phycisians Assistant, which requires a bachelors degree. The reason I’m here, is because I’ve lately realized that if something were to happen to my career in the medical field then I have nothing and no other career options.

I had the idea proposed to me of getting my Bachelor’s in Aviation, as I’ve always loved being in the air and would love to become a commercial pilot(do not have my private license either). My question to you all is, what is the job outlook looking like and is a School of Aviation worth it?

Currently the majors are laying off pilots and other personnel as they significantly downsize. That said the industry will most likely rebound by 2025. You do not need an aviation degree to obtain pilot licenses. Years ago I got instrument rated private and commercial licenses as a “fun to have” hobby endeavor.