Queen Elizabeth II in NYC


Anyone happen to catch the numbers on what was used for KittyHawk during her short time in NYC? I assume she flew into KJFK, but in looking through what little I had time to yesterday, I couldn’t find anything. I was also too late to look for the TFR used for her as well.

Anyone have any stats for her?



qe2 stats
born apr 21 1926 to prince york and elizabeth 1
married prince phillip nov 27 1947
4 children
5’ 4" tall
england’s queen for 58 years
worth $450 million




I don’t think she is worth that much anymore!


She famously flies commercial when possible, so she probably arrived on a scheduled BA flight, no?

She’s National Hunt ranked and is strong at all distances but preferred in soft to very soft going, although she can no longer carry the weight. Class A Grade 1. Her issue have all failed to maintain her standard and been retired to breeding and show.

Firm rump and a deep chest but carries too much tack.


Thanks, but I was meaning the stats as far as the flight goes. Like the POTUS, whenever the Queen flies, the callsign of the aircraft she is on is changed to “KittyHawk”. What I didn’t know is if the UK provides her her own plane (like A1) or if she uses a given carrier and the callsign is changed to accommodate her.



HRH arrived in Canada aboard a Canadian Military A310 that was sent to pick her up in England. She continued to use the plane for her Canada trip and the flight to New York. Since the Canadian Government got her over this side of the pond I would guess they would not strand her, and agreed to get her home.


This helps tremendously. Thanks.

According to the FAA JO 7340.2A, when the UK VIP travels in a commercial aircraft, the callsign is changed to “SparrowHawk” (ICAO: KRH), whereas if it is a military aircraft, it is changed to “KittyHawk” (ICAO: KRF).

Assuming Canada still falls under the crown, KittyHawk it is.



A little info on the aircraft

"The 437 Transport Squadron, based at CFB Trenton, operates five Airbus A310-300s, all designated as CC-150 Polaris; four are configured as normal airliners with cargo transport and aerial refuelling capability, while one, No. 001, is operated in a VIP configuration. This latter aircraft, referred to as the Royal Flight when carrying the Queen or another member of the Royal Family, has a spartan bedroom, sitting room, office space, and a shower approximately the size of a small phone booth. The executive suite includes a satellite telephone, two computer work stations, and a small refrigerator, and at the rear portion of the aircraft is a normal passenger cabin, used to carry regular military passengers, members of the VIP party, or reporters. As Captain Yvan Veillette, the squadron’s information officer, stated of the interior: "It’s no more luxurious than a good motor home


I remember reading somewhere, years ago, that in the 60s and 70s she flew aboard a BOAC VC-10 and preferred a light meal of a chicken salad sandwich and a ginger ale.

Does the above passage ring a bell with anyone? It came from a book of aviation anecdotes, a volume I lost over the years, and would dearly love to find again. I don’t remember the title or author but it was a hardback book, maybe 150 pages in length, and I had it in my possession around 1985. No idea who published it …


uk english spellings?
only airline anectodes or aviation in genearl?


It was a US-published book, in “US English.” I believe an airline pilot wrote it, and it dealt mostly with airline stuff with a little bit of military stuff thrown in.

I have actually just spent an hour searching eBay, Amazon, etc. with no luck.


does any of these ring a bell