Queen City Airport is now KXLL (2nd change)


Note, effective today 11/20/08, Queen City Airport is now KXLL (according to official airport announcement).

You’ll notice that I reported the change from 1N9 to KJVU a few months ago when the airport added weather reporting. The approval for new identifier related to the area was approved shortly after with a planned change date of today (some people said it couldn’t be done!).

Anyways, there will probably be another period where things get out of wack until this trickles through the system, but it’s definitely KXLL today.

(the LL is for Little Lehigh - a nearby creek. it’s sort of catchy…)


We loaded the new (effective today) AIS data from the NFDC last night; it has the airport as XLL for the FAA location identifier and KJVU as the ICAO code. I changed it manually, although the map won’t work until the NFDC is reporting the new code.



(that was quick!)


Thanks! I thought I was going nuts. First my Garmin “locked out” my flight plans to and from 1N9 (until I finally figured out why), and then it did it again with KJVU!!

KXLL it is. I really like having weather there now. I noticed the winds sometimes differed from nearby ABE.

I note also that the Philly controllers never knew what JVU was anyway. :slight_smile: