Queen City Airport is KJVU


Flight Aware still thinks that Queen City Airport in Allentown (formerly 1N9) is using the old code. New flight plans are using KJVU, which does work for the METARs.

This change occurred at the beginning of August, but it’s expected to change in the future to something with letters that have something to do with the name :slight_smile: .


We’ve noticed that the NFDC seems to be lagging with airport code changes; this one has been fixed, although it will be a little while before the map works.





The new code for Queen City, KJVU is working, but the time seems off in the database? It should be EST. The time reported in the METAR reports are off (it shows recent one is 7PM, but it’s only 4PM now!). Also the
arrival times show only GMT.

This airport should have the same information as the previous code 1N9.