QFA 108D Mach One

Check out the tracking log on Qantas 108D (especially over LA Center) on 03/15/10 - Do you think these guys were anxious to get to LAX? I’d like to see the fuel used report

This A/C appears to have been deadheading after their normally scheduled leg (JFK-LAX) was xxld due to the windstorm at JFK the prior day. The inbound leg (QFA107) the prior day was diverted to IAD where they sat for 24 hours.

flightaware.com/live/flight/QFA1 … X/tracklog

Looks like about a 30-50 knot tailwind to me. We had over 600 Knots groundspeed on a flight about a month ago. Going the other way took a day and a half… :laughing:

John in Saudi