Qantas Bird strike at SFO

Here are the Pics:

happened February 15,2009

Suicide bird? He jumped from a 747! But the incident begs the question, what IS the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

That’s a cool picture.

Obviously this happened on arrival, as the 744 is rolling out. Happen to know what time? This would definitely be in the LiveATC archives.


it was a morning Qantas flight

Flight number? I’m asking, because I don’t know how many QFA flights come in in the morning, let alone where from, nor the time. That would leave me with 24 different clips to go through… That’s half the day there… :confused:


most likely this one: … /YSSY/KLAX

QFA73 on 2/15/2009 went to KLAX, not KSFO. If this happened on the 15th, the departure date and arrival date would be the same date, so it would have to be another QFA flight… The plane definitely landed at KSFO, so it would have to be another arrival…


The arrival on the 15th went to SFO: … /YSSY/KSFO

It went to LAX on the 16th.

Birdstrike aside, thats a really cool phot! 8)

Sure about that? local date on your link shows 2/14. Activity log shows that it went to LAX on 2/15, then flew LAX-SFO on 2/16: … /YSSY/KLAX … /KLAX/KSFO

There wasn’t an SFO arrival on the 15th… What makes it even more odd, is that on that day, SFO was in east operations, meaning they would land on the 19s, depart on the 10s. The picture shows them landing on 28R…


My bad now that i think of it it was the 14th. :wink: