Qantas B74-4 at Aussie Grand Prix


Anyone happen to catch the 74 zooming over the Aussie Grand Prix? Just before the start of the race, a helicopter shot from above, the 74 yanking and banking hard. I’ve never seen a heavy turn like that. Hope someone posts the video.


CLICK HERE for youtube video.


Thanks! No, that wasn’t the maneuver I saw. It was a high speed tight, banking turn shot from above. The B-74 was low… I’m going to contact Speed Channel to see if they have it available.


27th March 2011 - VH-OEB Grand Prix flypast:
Formula 1 livered Boeing 747-48E VH-OEB operated Sydney - Sydney with a flypast of the Australia Grand Prix as QF6620 … otostream/ … otostream/


Yes, she’s the bird! The 3-5 second cut I saw was not planned, from a high hover helicopter. If I can locate the video cut I’ll post it.