Qantas attendants not so happy with goodwill ambassador

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Knowing how many people ignore the safety instructions, I think it’s a great idea having John Travolta in the opening. His voice may not be as recognizable as say Sean Connery, but it’s recognizable enough that when he says he is the captain, a lot of people who aren’t paying attention will look up. As for calling the cabin crew the “team”, I agree that crew would sound much better, but to be as insulted as some say they are is a little over the top.


Yeah, JT came over a bit corny. “Cringeworthy”? I don’t think I’d go THAT far. As for calling the crew members “The Team”, it wasn’t just him - that phrase was used throughout the video. He was just reading his lines as any good actor would.


They could just do what they do just across the water in NZ.