Qantas 747 at KTOL?


Noticed that a 747 airliner out of Toledo went to Hawaii. Biggest traffic I’ve seen there is an rj. Not to mention the airline was Qantas.
Checked their route map and found that they have no affiliation with KTOL.

Some kind of flaw?


Here’s your answer

Now that I know that 74’s are going in and out of KTOL, I might drive up there for a photo op.


The service, named “BAX Downunder Direct,” starting October 5, 1996

Is THAT right? 1996? Have they been doing that for 10 years, and Boeing7475500 is just now noticing it?


eh seems sketchy…


Ten years is correct.


Wow I guess they do fly out of KTOL. I pulled up the airport diagram and saw BAX cargo so they are legit. Never have I seen a 747 there and I’ve been there my fair share of times.


Operated by Atlas:


Here’s a photo of Atlas’ 747 at TOL: