Q on commercial tables to Frankfurt


Hi everybody,

I’m sorry to step in way over my head here but I have really run out of places to look; I am trying to find a time table for flight arrivals, especially international, to Frankfurt airport in Germany. I’m trying to plan a wedding in a rather remote location for a group coming from literally all corners of the world, and Frankfurt, a key meeting point, doesn’t seem to publish weekly scheduled arrivals, as most other airports I’ve been researching do.

Because it is a major hub for so many airlines, collecting the data piecemeal (which basically involves going through ticket vendors for every single possibility) is really turning out to be an insane idea. So, with repeated apologies for what is surely extraordinarily off-topic for you all here, I thank you for your time and ask that if anyone has any ideas, they please let me know. My email is sunnysidemez at mac dot com. Thank you again!


Couple of different ways to find this, but still can be tedius.

First, see if the airport in Frankfort has a website. Check their departure/arrival page. USUALLY, you can begin there as a guide to approx. when most flights will arive.

Second, figure out what airlines your guests may fly and go to their websites and look at their flight schedules into Frankfort.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Side note…see Daniel, I’m not grumpy!! :laughing:


Thank you-- Unfortunately, that’s the first place I looked. For whatever reason (possibly because it’s just too much information), Frankfurt doesn’t keep a weekly timetable online. I’ve found plenty of sites that rather helpfully list current or hourly arrivals, but it just doesn’t seem possible to locate one place listing all weekly arrivals.

For now, I’m doing it the tedious and awful way-- by hour, by departure airport. I hope that I will have hair left by the wedding.

Thanks again


Here’s the current timetable for Frankfurt.

I found it by going to the FRA site and clicking on the site map.


Beat me to it Dami. One of the few times on here where I thought my ability to read German would be helpful to someone.