PXE Boot Pi3 with Piaware Image


Hi Folks,

I’m in the planning stage of posting a Pi3 and antenna on a mast at the top of a tree (only way I can get above it is to use it !!)
It won’t be easily accessible and so i was thinking as well as power via PoE, why not PXE boot it, then i don’t have to worry about SD Card failures etc.

I have PXE booted a Pi3 with Raspbian previously, but i was just wondering if anyone else has got Piaware working this way (before i go through the build only to prove it doesn’t work) ?

Cheers !!



The only thing I can think of is that you will either want a /var/cache that persists over reboot so the automatically-assigned feeder ID is saved, or manually put a fixed feeder ID in piaware-config.


It will be very helpful to many if after completing "posting a Pi3 and antenna on a mast at the top of a tree", you post pictures of your installation, along with some notes/tips. Thanks.


Lol, no problem!