Push Notifications - URLs


It my understanding that you can only have 1 callback url per account based on the docs here http://flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/FlightXML2/doc#op_RegisterAlertEndpoint Has that changed in v3? Example: If i want to register alerts for SWA1234 to go to url foo.domain.com and alerts for UA123 to go to fi.domain.com, can I not do this natively in the api? Am i forced to build a proxy layer to route these requests on our side using some central point?


AFAIK, there’s no push functionality in FXML3 at this time; last time I asked about it (in Oct '17) it was estimated that it’d be available sometime in 2018.


When push functionality is added to FlightXML3, it will likely still have the same limitation of one URL per account. We recommend using the alert_id element in the alert payload to distinguish alerts from each other.