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Push Notification Errors

I have registered an endpoint - it’s a AWS Gateway API URL - that I’m using to receive push notifications. I can test the URL successfully through Postman but I get an error when I test it through your Test Notification Interface (https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/send.rvt).

The logged error message is concealed in a hover so I can’t see the full message and I have no idea why it’s not working and whether I have a real problem.

Please advise how to see a better error message or a way to debug the issue. Thanks.

The full error message should be visible when mousing over the “Error” statement on the test page.

The error summary is “Failed during POST with Unsupported URL” due to unexpected white space preceding the the the actual URL for the push target. Calling RegisterAlertEndpoint again and making sure there’s no whitespace in the address parameter’s value should resolve the error.

That worked but it was impossible for me to figure that out given the message. Suggestion: think about putting the URL in quotes in the message.

Thanks for the help.