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Push Flight Alert coming multiple on same time and irreverent Push notification also

Hello Team,

I would ask you that our users are getting multiple push flight alerts on the same time and irreverent push flight alert notification. I don’t know why that are coming from the flightaware its may extra charging it my account also user irritating experience. So we would like to please take a look our account and let me know what is the issue with the flight alert.

We are calling the API for flight alert set is “SetAlert” and params is below

$queryParams = array(
‘origin’ => isset($decoded[‘origin’])?$decoded[‘origin’]:’’,
‘destination’ => isset($decoded[‘destination’])?$decoded[‘destination’]:’’,
‘aircrafttype’ => isset($decoded[‘aircrafttype’])?$decoded[‘aircrafttype’]:’’,
‘date_start’ => $start_date,
‘date_end’ => $end_date,
‘channels’ => ‘{16 e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled}’,
/* ‘channels’ => ‘{16 ‘.$final_channel.’}’, */
‘max_weekly’ => 1000,

Please let me know as soon as possible to this critical problem can be solve out.