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Push Alert Some records are not coming

I’m using Push Alert to capture departure and arrival flight’s actual time. I’m Considering CMB/ VCBI airport in Sri Lanka. When analyzing push alerts records i realize some flights are not coming. If 70 flights arrive to CMB airport per day but your alert system provide 35 or 40 records. Is this can happen?

If Flight XML API have another proper method to capture actual time to a specific air port please let me know.


For flights arriving into VCBI, I would expect approximately the following numbers of flights to be eligible for arrival alerts:

 filed_departuretime | total | eligible
 2015-05-03          |    71 |       43
 2015-05-02          |    73 |       45
 2015-05-01          |    69 |       42
 2015-04-30          |    69 |       41
 2015-04-29          |    69 |       40
 2015-04-28          |    73 |       39
 2015-04-27          |    74 |       37
 2015-04-26          |    83 |       41
 2015-04-25          |    83 |       43
 2015-04-24          |    70 |       40
 2015-04-23          |    82 |       38
 2015-04-22          |    64 |       34
 2015-04-21          |    44 |       24

The number of alerts eligible is lower than the total because that airport is not within our primary coverage areas and some flights cannot be confidently considered to have arrived by us (flight result unknown). As such, no arrival alert will be generated.

we highly appreciate your kind consideration to below suggestions as it is really helpful for us for our current implementation.

  1. If your concern is on not providing data on real time, send push notifications once the data is received(we assume you receive all the data irrespective of whether it is on time or not)

  2. Let us know If there are any other methods other than push notifications to capture above mentioned all data
    Note: As we have noticed the Arrived method does not provide the requested data at real time. If you can give a specific lead time for a Flight that would not be updated in real time, we can query using FlightInfo with respect to that given lead time
    Ex: Flight arrived at 5.30 am would be updated in your system at 8.00 am. The lead time is 2.30hr. If we query after 8.00am, we should get the actual arrival time.

Please check above two suggestions and give me a reply.


The reduced number of alerts is unrelated to concerns about delivery timely alerts. As I mentioned before, it is due entirely to us not having adequate data coverage in that portion of the world so we do not ever receive any sort of confirmation that the flight has actually arrived from any of our current data providers. Because of this, we are not willing to confidently send an arrival alert for such flights.

Data for flight events come to us from a variety of providers, which may be transmitted by ground radar, ADS-B, satellite, airport controllers, airline operators, or other. Each of these methods have differing amounts of delays that may be from just seconds delayed to 5 or more minutes delayed. When you use pushed alerts, we attempt to deliver the information as soon as we receive it. When you poll an API to request the updated status, you receive whatever data we have at that moment. We do not have the ability to predict when the precise time to poll an API again since the delay between data sources varies greatly.

A reasonable technique to poll the API status of a flight is to adjust the delay between your retry attempts depending on how close the flight is to arriving. You can use the estimatedarrivaltime field to decide how close it is to the current time. For example, when the estimatedarrivaltime is more than 15 minutes in the future only poll every 10 minutes; but when the estimatedarrivaltime is less 15 minutes in the future and less than 15 minutes in the past, poll every 2 minutes.