Information is limited at this time, but according to the US Air Force Thunderbirds site, the Thunderbirds display team will be taking part in the Puerto Rico Air Show (Ceiba Air Show) on April 18 - 19, 2009.

The air show will take place at the new Ceiba Airport, that was formerly the Roosevelt Roads base.

Tickets are priced at $19 + tax and are available at Ticketpop

Can anybody tell me if in the states you was charge admission to see the Thunderbirds. I,m a Air Force Vet and never in my time in service was the public ask to paid admission to see the ThunderBirds Air Show…I think this is a disgrace ,but again on my island the natives are always thinking of making a buck !

I’ve never heard of a Thunderbirds air show that charged admission.

In any case, DO NOT GO TO THIS SHOW or any other show that charges you to buy tickets. I refuse to go to a show that charges me a “convenience” fee outside of a nominal mailing fee. I just wish more people would do the same. If they did then Ticketmaster and Tickepop and others would go out of business.

I find it disgusting that if I order tickets through Ticketmaster that I am charged a fee for the tickets and if I print my own tickets I am charged an additional amount for using my own printer while the jackasses will mail the tickets for free.


Tickets to Wings over Houston, where the Thunderbirds (among others) performed, were $20 at the gate.

Our local show at KSUA also charges stuartairshow.com/tickets.asp

Of course we watch from our pool deck for free :smiley:

“Grand Opening” airshow for BBG May 8-10 is charging for tickets, and guess who will be there…The Thunderbirds. Also, they charge for the Reno Air Races which they have been at a few times.


These all must be non-profit organizations, even though they charge so much. According to DD From 2535, Request for Military Aerial Support, Page 4, Paragraph 3:

Department of Defense is unable to support events for which sponsorship is intended to make a business profit. Events which have an admission charge, or other associated charges, do not necessarily preclude military participation. Military commands cannot participate in events which charge admission unless the military participation is incidental to the event, and not the primary attraction.

Further down in Paragraph 6 it states:

Appearances on a military installation or sponsored by amilitary organization will only be approved in support of an official installation “openhouse” program (no admission charge/entrance fee).

So, it looks like the only times I’ve seen the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds were at military open houses and free air shows (e.g. the SF Navy Week) and didn’t know about the ability for an organization to charge a fee to see the teams.

Live and learn :slight_smile:

Now that we have that covered, you may all now start the “Dami @ Fleet Week” heckling…

What is a real disgrace is that you never took the time to investigate further. If you did you would know that the proceeds from the ticket sales will be DONATED to a local charitable institution that helps children with cancer.

It is evident that we also have “natives” that are TOO STINGY to help a children with cancer.

With the history of corruption on this island …I don,t trust anybody to believe proceeds will go to any charities to help children…BTW I do give to charities for years ,automatic deductions from my paycheck can you said the same !