Proximity data from local Flightfeeder

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I’ve just installed a FlightFeeder box and it’s working nicely. I’m aware there are some json feeds I can pull directly from the box but unsure of where to start / how to filter to get what I need.

What I’d like to do is every (say) 30 seconds, read the local JSON file and get the number of aircraft flying within a 30km radius, as well as the distance to the nearest one. The plan is to then parse this data to get 2 numbers: #aircraft, #km distance. I’d then plug these into an API call to a WLED-controlled RGB Led display. Yes, there’s probably a way using FastLED and separate code to have a pseudo Radar board, but in this case I’m simply re-purposing an existing display setup.


Try http://(IP address)/skyaware/data/aircraft.json as a starting point

There is some documentation at dump1090/ at master · flightaware/dump1090 · GitHub

graphs1090 may be a useful reference as it collects similar data: graphs1090/ at master · wiedehopf/graphs1090 · GitHub

Thank you! Looks like aircraft.json should do the trick.

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