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Prostick metal case?

Hi everyone,

Step by step i’m fine tuning my setup…
I have the filter before the uptronics preamp.
It works very well, and now every week lowering my gain (now about 5% of strong messages).

I want to try a metal case for the prostick-plus.
Does anyone have experience with it?
And where to buy? (Rtl-sdr is out of stock)

I have done it to mine.
I bought them years ago, when they were in stock.
It fits without modification.

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Any heat issues with the receiver? I thought about just wrapping mine in aluminum foil, but was warned about overheating.

The rtlsdr-blog case is the same they use on their receiver. Some of the heat will be transferred to the case via the edge of the pcb, and there is a heat transfer pad that connects the surface of the pcb with the case as well. Not sure you can emulate that easily with an aluminum foil design, and foil probably has different properties, being good at retaining the heat of what inside them eg baked potato.

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anyone an idea where to buy?

Hi All

For those who want to have an RF sealded Flightaware Stick receiver Just follow my those 3 simple steps.

Step 1 first by an aluminum case like my from NooElec

Step 2
Sand your receiver carefully on both long sides by hand or with Dremel tool and clean any dust with isopropyl alcohol and paper towel.
Step 3
Insert to test fit in the aluminum case and mark the back plate of aluminum to pass the end of the receiver.
Step 4
No step 4 …Enjoy your new toy…

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