Proposed fine against American Eagle

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I must say, IF they have written in their SOP that they will adjust final W&B calc. if a certain amount of weight or pcs of luggage are loaded after close out and that was not being done…then they do not have a leg to stand on. Some carriers have a weight of X lbs. or below the W&B does not have to be recalc. but I dunno about these guys. I know for us, it is anything under 200 and we are good. I will be interested to hear more about this.

I have worked both Eagle flights and Connection flights, Eagle with the dynamic system and Connection with the older weights to the crew method, as we did at many other airlines I worked at.
AE seems to have so many dynamic programs and systems in place, that if not followed could result in some sort of violation, and often does just because it’s so hard to “go by the book”.
The Connection carriers I worked for use the simpler method of giving the weights to the crew and they calc the w/b etc.
It seems like Eagle shoots themself in the foot because of the extra procedures