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I dont recall if I mentioned it when I signed up,but I hold a Private Pilots License,Single Engine Land,with a Blue Seal.


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What’s a Blue Seal? I’ve been searching for a while and can’t find it.


Jscneider,the blue seal on my license is probably a thing of the past,it indicates that I had 10 hrs of IFR flight training,including a GCA.I got my license back in the ‘60s’.


Here’s an explanation I found from AOPA as part of the history of their Air Safety Foundation.


Ahhhhh, thanks.


No,Magnetoz,that’s not what I did,I took the full ground school,and 40hrs flight time to get my license,including 10 hrs of IFR training and 10 hrs of night flight training(I did my GCA at Chicago Midway at night),that’s what my blue seal is for(the IFR training)
I also had to take a check flight with a FAA examiner to get my license,we flew a Piper Colt.


The Colt was probably less than 5 years old! Wow. Colts now are OLD, I mean REALLY old!

So what was it like flying at 70 mph 40 years ago?

Welcome to the forum Captain Vic! (Is is Victor?) 8)


Well,CessnaCitationX,it was very nice,you know the Colt was a two place trainer,the 4 place family plane was the Tri-Pacer,they looked alike except for the rear seat.Either plane makes a nice day VFR fun flying plane,very easy to fly,very gentle stalls,and lands at such a slow speed that all your landings should be gentle.The only thing I did not like about the plane was the “old Coffee grinder” radio.
Almost immediatly after I got my license,I was in a Cherokee 180D,WOW ! , what a plane,I thought.