Problems with KRIV data


All the track logs for KRIV (3/30/07) departures show a “service interruption” error message. They were fine until about noon, when they vanished.

Also, DHL began flying an MD-11 out of KRIV but it doesn’t show up on any radar- not even the live tracking from Ontario Airport Flightmonitor 2.0. It originates in Malaysia but comes to Riverside via Anchorage. As a non-military flight how can it avoid detection?

Thanks as usual…


Here is an answer to my own question, for the benefit of others visiting the site with a similar question. Once an aircraft begins operations at a new airport they file their flight information with the FAA. This information is used to provide data for tracking. The processing of flight information can lag behind the commencement of flights. In general, the failure of a commercial jet to appear on public tracking sites is not due to blocking of the data.